Dunedin Christmas Parade

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Terms & Conditions of Entry for the 2024 Dunedin Santa Parade:

1. There is only ONE Santa allowed in the parade which is provided by the DSPT.

2. There is to be NO giveaways or handouts to the public before, during or after the parade (safety being the primary concern).

3. NO water guns or pistols of any kind allowed on any entry.

4. The parade is NOT for commercial gain to any business.

5. Every entry must have a minimum of 4 marshals supplied by you to mark all four corners of your float wearing high visibility vests (UN LOGOED) i.e. orange or yellow with no signage. This is to assist in keeping back the crowd as you travel along the parade route, your marshals must be of a minimum age of 18 and walk alongside marking the four corners of your entry.

6. Every entry must pass inspection as to safety by the DSPT inspector on the day of the parade, in particular that the children riding are safe and can be supported on your float i.e. hand rails and foot holds.

7. Every entry must project a Christmas Theme i.e. every entry must comply on the day and be available for inspection with regard to the Christmas Spirit being displayed, should the DSPT not be totally satisfied as to the nature of the entry, it / you can or will be excluded from the parade on the day.

“This is a Christmas Parade in its 26th year. Under the trust guidance it is Dunedin’s largest FREE event and is for the enjoyment of all concerned, countless hours of unpaid work go into making this annual parade an ongoing success”

Entries close 27th October 2024.

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